lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

Dear Mom

Dear Mom

I just wanna say thanks for be by my side all this timewith problems and funny moments,
I don't care, you're my mom and I will love you for the rest of my life, thanks for be yourself,
you doesn't knoww how much I miss you, you are the most especial woman in my life, I really love you, I hope see you soon
A lot of love, Your son
Jose Calderon

Welcome to my Blog

Hi there!.... This is my first blog for my. Englis class here. I am going to post my English class homework

My name's jose and last name es Calderon. People call me VENECO... I am a student in URBE. I go to Industrial Engineering School Iam 23 years old. I'm from Maracaibo

Well, hope you like my work... See you around...

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Never stop dreaming..

Jose Calderon

Free hug's